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GOT mailさん)大好きな彼に振られてしまったが、何とか彼とよりを戻したい。相談に訪れた占い師の部屋で気を失ってしまった。


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投稿: chie | 2010/06/01 00:23


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投稿: kunk | 2010/10/08 16:23

Hi! I'm in New York. I've been working on this game for months and cannot solve it. I had a Japanese-speaking friend help me with the translation.

The used items I have in my inventory are: bent wire, electric core, walking stick/cane.

The ones I still have besides that are: red, blue, and yellow candle, magnifying glass, lighter, book about palm reading, book about crystal reading.

I know you can use the magnifying glass to read the palms on top of the desk, but I don't understand how to open the safe by the wastebasket with the assessments I make from the palm reading book.

Any help anyone can provide especially in English sure would help! Thank you!

投稿: col | 2011/02/13 00:27

I just watched blog.
I will replay this game and explain about a palmistry book.

投稿: dora | 2011/02/13 03:37

・white left drawer :
There is a poster in the left side of a white drawer.
You saw a number to drag a heart, coin, and pen to a crystal ball.
...heart+7, coin+3, pen+8
・look at the physiognomy of the tapestry person.
  round face, corner of the eye has a mole, big earlobe, and ear located towards the top.
・Read the physiognomy book
 if corner of the eye has a mole: love luck is good
if the position of the ear is high, work luck is good
round face : work luck is good
big earlobe : money luck is good
So his physiognomy numbers is

The explanation such as "vitality" "intelligence" "feelings" is written in the palmistry book.
example; feelings line is long :idealist
feelings line are short : cool etc...

When you see the most left hand (back side), it is written that it is weak point to be hot.
To get a white candle, use a lighter.

Use a magnifying glass for four hands to see lines in palm, compare it with a book.

Safe passcode :
memo in a drawer
1. strong life force
2. cool
3. realistic
4. idealist
The hand that a lifeline is the longest is the third hand.
The hand that feelings line is short, and cool is the left hand.
The hand that intelligence line turns to the top, and realistic is the second hand.
The hand that feelings line is long, and idealists is 4th hand.
pass code is 1739

投稿: dora | 2011/02/13 04:30


投稿: 管理人(dora) | 2011/02/15 01:04

Thank you, thank you!!!

投稿: Col | 2011/03/01 05:09

where/what is the physiognomy book? I defiitely have a palm reading book, and then another purple book. Is there another (third) book?

投稿: col | 2011/03/01 05:32

Yes, there are three books.
Physiognomy, palm reading and crystal gazing(purple).
Physiognomy book is in the bookshelf. Use candle on the bookshelf rail.

投稿: 管理人(dora) | 2011/03/01 13:16

Thanks so much for the help!

Which candle do I use? Which bookshelf? The brown thin shelf or the big white shelf? where do I use the candle? is the candle supposed to be lit or unlit?

投稿: col | 2011/03/02 01:53

Oh wait! I just got the white candle from the hand! I didn't realize I had to click behind the hand to activate it!

投稿: Col | 2011/03/02 01:58

I'm stuck again...

How do you get the passcode for the safe?

Going by the numbers of the hands, I thought the safe code would be 3124...

投稿: | 2011/03/02 02:09

I am OUT! I finally used the yellow candle on the bookshelf and also I figured out that you have to check the wooden bases of the hands to get the password numbers for the safe. THANK YOU!!!

Also, the crystal gazing book says "Imagine the biggest country in the world." So when you put the crystal ball down on its base and get the candelabra on the ring on the table, you have to think about the biggest country in the world (Russia) -- and think about its flag -- and then only light the candles that have those colors (red, blue, white). Then you should take the crystal ball and put it on the hand of the lady statue. Then you get the other horn of the sheep, then you can examine the eye of the sheep, then you get a camera, then... OUT!

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